Download MSBTE I-Scheme Syllabus [Fifth Semester]

I-Scheme Syllabus of Fifth Semester Updated with MSBTE Curriculum

New syllabus for Third-Year curriculum designed by MSBTE. For this work, the collaboration made with NITTTR Bhopal and Industry-Experts.
The I-Scheme is a new vision for Fifth-Semester of the diploma programme. The students of MSBTE diploma programme will able to drive there future with knowledge and hands-on practice.
The major focus is delivered on an outcome-based education system, so that lecture, practical and tutorials are arranged according to that.

MSBTE I-Scheme Syllabus Design

Each programme attains with comprehensive information about the following features:

  • Course Outcomes
  • Course Rationale
  • Course Mapping
  • Detailed Teaching and Examination Scheme
  • Listed Practicals Guide
  • Pieces of equipment Required
  • Question Paper Design Structure


To download the syllabus of fifth-semester diploma programme click here.
Fascinating programmes with fifth-semester subjects are as follows:

MSBTE I-Scheme 5th SEM Syllabus

Diploma Programme in Civil Engineering – 5 Courses
  1. Water Resource Engineering
  2. Design of Steel and RCC Structures
  3. Estimating and Costing
  4. Public Health Engineering
    Elective (Any One)
  5. Rural Development
  6. Energy Conservation and Green Building
  7. Traffic Engineering
  8. Precast and Pre-Stressed Concrete
  9. Industrial Training
  10. Capstone Project Planning
Diploma Programme in Computer Engineering – 5 Courses
  1. Environmental Studies
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Advanced Java Programming
  4. Software Testing
    Elective (Any One)
  5. Client Side Scripting  Language
  6. Advanced Computer Network
  7. Advanced Database Management Systems
  8. Industrial Training
  9. Capstone Project Planning
Diploma Programme in Electrical Engineering – 5 Courses
  1. Management
  2. Industrial AC Machines
  3. Switchgear and Protection
  4. Energy Conservation and Audit
    Elective (Any One)
  5. Elements of Industrial Automation
  6. Power Electronics Application
  7. Wind Power Technologies
  8. Power System Analysis
  9. Illumination and Electrification of Buildings
  10. Entrepreneurship Development
  11. Industrial Training
  12. Capstone Project Planning
Diploma Programme in Mechanical Engineering – 5 Courses
  1. Management
  2. Power Engineering and Refrigeration
  3. Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  4. Elements of Machine Design
    Elective (Any One)
  5. Tool Engineering
  6. Power Plant Engineering
  7. Solid Modeling and Additive Manufacturing
  8. Industrial Training
  9. Capstone Project Planning
Diploma Programme in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering – 5 Courses
  1. Environmental Studies
  2. Control Systems and PLC
  3. Embedded Systems
  4. Mobile and Wireless Communication
    Elective (Any One)
  5. Industrial Automation
  6. Microwave and RADAR
  7. Industrial Training
  8. Capstone Project Planning

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