Download MSBTE I-Scheme Syllabus [Forth Semester]

I-Scheme Syllabus of Forth Semester Updated with MSBTE Curriculum

The new updations in scheme from G-Scheme to I-Scheme plays a vital role. The MSBTE I-Scheme syllabus for Forth-Semester is based on collaboration with NITTTR and Industry. This change is made in the Second-Year of the diploma programme.

MSBTE I-Scheme Syllabus Pattern

The syllabus pattern aims to include design as:

  • Diagrammatic mapping of course, so the conceptual meaning gets cleared.
  • Listing of practicals with unit-wise and hour-wise allocation
  • Well defined level of competency expected
  • Outcome specification from the respective course
  • Well explained theory components by separating topics and subtopics with hour utilization
  • Suggested students activities for respective course


To download the syllabus of forth-semester diploma programme click here.
The new syllabus for diploma programme come up with an additional plan for the subject. Some of the programmes with forth-semester subjects are as follows:

MSBTE I-Scheme 4th SEM Syllabus

Diploma Programme in Civil Engineering – 6 Courses
  1. Hydraulics
  2. Theory of Structures
  3. Railway and Bridge Engineering
  4. Geo-Technical Engineering
  5. Building Planning and Drawing
  6. Environmental Studies
Diploma Programme in Computer Engineering – 5 Courses
  1. Java Programming
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Data Communication and Computer Network
  4. Microprocessors
  5. GUI Application Development using VB .Net
Diploma Programme in Electrical Engineering – 6 Courses
  1. Electric Motors and Transformers
  2. Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution
  3. Industrial Measurement
  4. Digital Electronics and Microcontroller Application
  5. Environmental Studies
  6. Electrical Drawing and CAD
Diploma Programme in Mechanical Engineering – 7 Courses
  1. Theory of Machines
  2. Mechanical Engineering Measurements
  3. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
  4. Manufacturing Processes
  5. Environmental Studies
  6. Computer Aided Drafting
  7. Fundamentals of Mechatronics
Diploma Programme in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering – 6 Courses
  1. Linear Integrated Circuits
  2. Consumer Electronics
  3. Microcontroller and Applications
  4. Basic Power Electronics
  5. Digital Communication Systems
  6. Maintenance of Electronics Equipment and EDA Tools Practices

Going further We worked hard on giving best from our side. The contents on this page are as per knowledge captured by the MSBTE syllabus provided to the public.
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